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Work is crazy. The kid’s extracurricular activites have you running around Lee’s Summit like a crazy person. When the day is finally over, cleaning your home is one of the last thing you want to do. A Green Way gets it! The home continues to get messier and messier as the busy days stack up. Look to A Green Way for an easy solution for your messy home. Give us a call about your Lee’s Summit home cleaning today and learn the best tips for making your clean last!

Your Lee’s Summit home cleaning can last longer than two weeks! Get your free quote today to get started.

furniture-998265_640Most home cleanings only last about a week. Here at A Green Way, we practice the best deep cleaning practices to make your home cleaning last longer than other maid services. Although the majority of our customer only need our deep cleaning services once a month, we offer some helpful tips to make your home cleaning last longer.

Most important Lee’s Summit home cleaning tip:

The easiest way to make your home cleaning last longer is to remove your shoes at the door, or even leave them outside! Shoes are the biggest dirt criminals! They track in dirt and salt from the roads. Once dirt finds it’s way in your home, it is difficult for it to leave! In addition to dirt setting up camp, the road salt sets up stains on wood floors. Depending on the strength of the salt and if it melted on your shoes, you are exposing your perfectly cherry-stained floors to the outside elements. Salt can easier take away the shine and luster of your wood floors. To remove these stains without harming your floor can be tricky. With the value of your home at stake, leave the salt removal to the professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning. Click here to get your free quote!