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Don’t focus on just one room per week. Receive whole house deep cleaning in Kansas City from the professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning!

Some Kansas City housekeeping services perform a cursory home cleaning each week and select one room on which to focus their deep cleaning efforts. While this may seem like a reasonable approach, homeowners quickly realize that dirt and debris builds up more quickly, and can easily be transported from room to room. While you are playing for a fully-cleaned home, it just never really feels thorough.

At A Green Way Home Cleaning, we specialize in whole house deep cleaning in Kansas City, which means that your entire home will be cleaned by hand for the deepest, most thorough clean possible. This includes ceiling fans, air vents, crown molding, individual window blinds, the fronts of cabinets and appliances, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, baseboards, carpeting, and wood and tile floors. With whole house deep cleaning in Kansas City, our homeowners have found that their home stays cleaner longer, and can even schedule their cleaning services farther apart.

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