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Having the entire family over can be stressful. Cleaning up after them can be even worse! Call A Green Way today for your North Kansas City home cleaning.

Pre-Party House Cleaning in Kansas CityThe leftover holiday ham is tucked away in whichever tuberware it fits in and the Christmas lights are being brought down. This holiday is finally over, and you have been waiting this moment since you drew the short straw for who gets to host the holidays. The only thing you did not plan for was the mess your family has left behind! In addition to their mess, you have to clean up all the holiday glitter that fell off of the decorations as you were taking them down. At this point, sheduling your North Kansas City home cleaning sounds like the only way out!

North Kansas City home cleaning is your home’s solution to your after holiday clean-up!

During your North Kansas City home cleaning, your home will be cleaned top to bottom. Our cleaning professionals arrive on time and fully-equipped with everything they may need. The Green Way Team uses eco-friendly cleaning agents so your home does not reak of harsh chemicals. In addition to keeping the health of your family in mind, the Green Way Team also uses a HEPA micro fiber vacuum to eliminate pet hair and allergens that float around in your home.

Most other home cleaning services use brooms and mops. How many times have you used a broom to clean up a mess and dust flew up into your face? Probably too many times to count. Brooms are dust criminals! They easily kick dust and dirt back into the air. Due to this fact, we do not use brooms and mops when cleaning your home. We use good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. To schedule your North Kansas City home cleaning, click the link above for a free quote!