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Keep your home fresher for longer by following some simple tips to prolong your Kansas City home cleaning from A Green Way.

Among the list of frusterating events, mud getting tracked all over your clean home is among the top three. After your Kansas City home cleaning from A Green Way, your home is designed to stay clean for up to a month! As we know, life tends to change that. To keep your home cleaner for longer, follow some simple steps to prolong your deep cleaning.

Tips for your Kansas City home cleaning:

Tip number one: Leave your shoes outside! In the winter, shoes are the biggest reason why dirt and salt from the roads make it inside. If you typically enter through the front door, get a mat for the front door that is big enough to hold your family’s shoes. Once you enter your home, stand on the mat and remove your shoes. Place the shoes on the mat to dry. If you enter through the garage entry, place your shoes just outside the door to the garage.

Tip number two: Shake off our jacket before you enter the house. When you enter your home, your jacket has snow all over it. When that snow melts, the water will fall to the floor and could leave a water stain. Protect your floors by shaking off your coat, scarf, and hat outside. If you enter through the garage, leave your coat to dry in the garage. If you enter your home using your front door, place a towel underneath all your coats in the closet and place your coat there to dry. The towel will help your Kansas city home cleaning stay nicer for longer.

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