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Don’t move a single piece of furniture until your new home is freshly cleaned! Learn about non-toxic pre-move cleaning in Kansas City from the professionals at A Green Way Home.

Deep cleaning your new home is an important part of the moving process. Unfortunately, due to the long lists of tasks to complete during the move, this task often gets postponed or overlooked entirely. It’s essential to deep clean your new home before bringing in furniture, boxes, and appliances to ensure the deepest, most thorough clean. Contact A Green Way Home Cleaning to schedule a non-toxic pre-move cleaning in Kansas City so you can make a fresh new start in your new home!

Click here to learn about non-toxic pre-move cleaning in Kansas City!

At A Green Way Home Cleaning, we specialize in deep home cleaning using 100% non-toxic products and practices. It’s important to us that our cleaning services leave your home fresh and clean, and not full of harmful chemicals. Click here to schedule an estimate for non-toxic pre-move cleaning in Kansas City!