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Learn the difference of a deep cleaning maid service and a regular maid service. A Green Way Home Cleaning is the better choice!

A Green Way Home cleaning has been leaving homes sparkling for 10 years! Here at Green Way, we believe in a deep cleaning maid service to fully restore your home’s beauty. Our mission is to leave your house cleaner than the day you moved in. We have an 11-point cleaning checklist. and as we use only environmentally safe cleaning agents. The Green Way team is dedicated to deep cleaning your home correctly. home-663241_640

What is a deep cleaning maid service?

A deep cleaning maid service is when our team cleans every surface and object in your home by hand. Our handy work gets the job done. Once the house is squeaky clean, daily cleaning is easier for the home owner to maintain. Examples of what our customers can expect from each visit:

  • The tile and hardwood are cleaned by hand. We do not use mops or brooms. Mops and brooms just push the dirt around.
  • Baseboards, trim, crown molding, and doors are scrubbed by hand.
  • Blinds are dusted and polished. Here, at A Green Way Home, we dust each blind individually on both sides. Window sills and window locks are cleaned individually as well.
  • Upholstered furniture is vacuumed with our elite HEPA micro fiber machine.
  • Kitchen cabinets are important to clean out because they are easily forgotten.
  • Each light fixture is dusted by hand. They are dusted with care to prevent damage.
  • Finally, the Team Leader will walk through the house and preform their checklist to ensure each item has been cleaned to our high standards.

As you can see, A Green Way Home is much more than a maid service! We are a deep cleaning maid service in Kansas City dedicated to the quality of our work. Click here to read about the importance of going green for your home’s health.