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Be prepared with this Thanksgiving cleaning checklist from A Green Way Home Cleaning!

dinner-1060352_640If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving feast this year, there’s a few steps to take to make sure that your kitchen isn’t a complete disaster by the time your family has had their fill. Read through this Thanksgiving cleaning checklist from A Green Way Home Cleaning and be sure to schedule your pre and post Thanksgiving cleaning in Kansas City with us before it’s too late!

  • Begin with a clean kitchen. The best way to end up with a spotless kitchen after the holidays is to start with one. With A Green Way Home Cleaning, you can hire us to come into your home before the holiday and hand clean absolutely every surface to perfection. We bring our own non-toxic, natural cleaning supplies to keep your family and pets safe while visiting your home!
  • Clean as you go. When you’re done with a dish, wash it immediately. Run the dishwasher when it’s full and empty it right away, clean up spills and messes right after they occur, and just keep the dishes and messes under control to lighten your workload at the end of the day.
  • Use dual-purpose containers. Using serving dishes that also serve as storage containers is a great way to eliminate the need to transfer food and wash extra dishes.
  • Contact A Green Way! Not only will we clean your home before your Thanksgiving meal, but we also provide an excellent deep cleaning service in Kansas City to return your home to normal after your family’s Thanksgiving get-together.

Use this handy Thanksgiving cleaning checklist from A Green Way Home Cleaning and keep in mind that you don’t have to take on the holidays alone. Our friendly, professional cleaners are here to provide you with our unique deep cleaning services in Kansas City to take as much stress off you this Thanksgiving season!

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