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Talk to A Green Way Home Cleaning for move-in/move-out cleaning in Overland Park!  At A Green Way Home Cleaning, we work with clients in Overland Park to provide a deep cleaning prior to you moving in or moving out of your home.  This can be a major selling point – as well as offering a home warranty with the sale of the home, offer a deep home cleaning in Overland Park to ensure the new buyers that all traces of your life in the home will be removed.  From cleaning traces of makeup out of your bathroom drawers, to cleaning the dust from the top of doorways, to cleaning the fan blades at the top of your vaulted ceiling, A Green Way Home Cleaning will provide a clean home in Overland Park from top to bottom.  Contact us today or read some of our client testimonials to see the great value in our move-in/move-out cleanings in Overland Park!