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Looking for a bigger and better maid service in Johnson County? Fight the mess and dirt with the professionals! Contact A Green Way Home today for a quote!

Does your home seem dirty right after you get it cleaned? Sounds like you need a better maid service in Johnson County! You need the professionals at A Green Way Home. We pride ourselves on our superior ability to tackle mess and dirt head on with eco-friendly cleaning agents and elbow grease. cleaning-268126_640

A Green Way Home is different than your traditional maid service in Johnson County. We focus on using elbow grease instead of mops and brooms. Brooms and mops fail to pick up all the dirt and grim off of your floors. The Green Way team does not believe in pushing the dirt around. We believe in eliminating the dirt from your home. Elbow grease is just one part of our cleaning checklist. Expect the best with the Green Way team. Below are examples of what our maid services in Johnson County detail.

  • Hardwood, tile floors, bamboo, and many other floor types!
  • Crown molding, baseboards, door trim, and doors are polished with procession.
  • Window treatments are cleaned individually, front and back.
  • All upholstered furniture is cleaned with mirco-fiber machines.
  • Kitchen cabinets, drawers, surfaces, and backsplashes are all cleaned with safe chemicals.
  • All grout, tile, faucets, and other bathroom fixtures are detailed to shine!
  • Finally, our customers can expect light fixtures, and all accent pieces to be dusted by hand.

A Green Way Home’s cleaning services are effective because we completely remove the dirt instead of just pushing it around like other maid services in Johnson County. Learn how your home can benefit from a professional maid service in Johnson County. We like to visit your home to give an accurate quote. Take your first steps to a bigger and better maid service in Johnson County by clicking here to get a quote today!