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bedroom-1078887_640Give your New Year’s Resolution a fair chance with a thorough home cleaning in KC by A Green Way Home!

Did you resolve to keep a cleaner home this year? Start off on the right foot with a professional thorough home cleaning in KC from A Green Way Home Cleaning.

A New Year’s resolution of maintaining a cleaner home is a great one to have in 2015, or any year for that matter! By developing a routine, you can save time cleaning so you have more time to spend with family and friends. You’ll be able to find things more easily, and you might feel more prepared to invite guests over on a whim! Once you establish a schedule, maintaining your home will be like second-nature to you. However, it’s the initial cleaning that can be overwhelming!

A thorough Home Cleaning in KC makes your clean home easier to maintain.

Let the meticulous professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning provide you with a thorough home cleaning in KC to kick off your New Year’s resolution. Our staff specializes in deep home cleaning, using 100% non-toxic products and practices, cleaning everything by hand. Just imagine every inch of your home, sparkling clean and ready for a fresh start!

From cleaning crown molding, to ceiling fans and lighting fixtures, to the tops of doors and windows, to appliances, to shelves (and the objects on them!) to carpets, tile, and hardwood…A Green Way Home takes pride in providing careful, thorough work. Your home will feel clean, fresh, and new: ready for the new year and all that it brings. With a thorough home cleaning to get you started, maintaining a clean home will be easier than ever. Most of your focus will be straightening, returning things to their proper place, wiping down surfaces and floors, and perhaps some light dusting.

Contact A Green Way Home today to schedule a consultation for a thorough home cleaning, and get some great tips for your New Year’s resolution!