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If you are looking for Spring Kansas City maid services, turn to the professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning! Contact us today for a free quote.

Remember how last Spring Cleaning, you moved everything to the garage for either sale or donation and then you returned to find dirt and dust all over your home? This year, get prepared for your refreshing Spring Cleaning with Spring Kansas City maid services from the professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning. Here at A Green Way, we are dedicated to ensuring that your home is cleaned correctly the first time.

Know that your Spring Kansas City maid services are done correctly after hiring the Green Team! Click here for your free quote.

spring kansas city maid servicesWe are more than just a maid service, we are a home cleaning service that is fueled by cleaning passion! When the Green Team arrives at your home, you will notice an immediate difference between a maid service and a home cleaning service. We will bring all the materials we need with us and have your team equipped with all the right cleaning agents. Cleaning agents are a small detail many companies overlook. While some companies focus on quickly cleaning your home, we focus on deep cleaning you home.

Deep cleaning your home means that we will use ecofriendly cleaning agents that are safe on the environment and gentle on your family. Many of the standard cleaning agents are harsh on the air insise you home. This may cause side effects from your family after the cleaning crew has left. Once the cleaning crew leaves, you should not be able to smell the cleaning agents they used. Your home should smell refreshing, not like the inside of a spray bottle! To get your spring cleaning finished, follow the link above and get a head start on the official cleaning season.