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Watch your home turn spotless after a Johnson County maid service from A Green Way Home Cleaning! Call today for a free quote.

A Greenway Promo.Still011Have you ever hired a halfway decent Johnson County maid service that hasn’t left your home looking and smelling spotless? Walking into your home after the Johnson County maid service leaves and finding dirty spots leaves you feeling like you wasted money. If you were expecting a completely spotless home and only received a “surface cleaning”, it may be time to switch companies. Most other companies in the Johnson County area do not provide a deep clean for their maid service. It is time to find a better Johnson County maid service if you are tired with putting up with halfway decent cleanings. Give A Green Way Home Cleaning a call to set up your free quote on our deep cleaning services!

How do you deep clean for a Johnson County maid service?

First, we are more than a maid service! Deep cleaning involves so much more than just a surface treatment! Deep cleaning means that our team digs deeps to unearth and eliminate dust, dirt, and grim. To eliminate dirt and allergens from your home, we use a wide array of deep cleaning tactics that most other companies do not use. By using a HEPA microfiber vacuum, the Green Way team is able to suck away pet air in allergens. To whisk the dust bunnies away, A Green Way features the most revolutionary state-of-the-art cleaning tool: elbow grease. Elbow grease is the best and most efficient way to clean surfaces. If you are wanting more of your surfaces deep cleaned, A Green Way Home Cleaning offers drawer and cabinet deep cleaning for an extra charge. To schedule your free quote, introduce yourself and a member of A Green Way Home Cleaning will reach back out to you.