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If you think you are ready to host your first family holiday event, think again. Look to A Green Way for special event cleanings in Kansas City!

thanksgiving-photography-3eNow that wedding season is coming to an end, your entire family (even the new in-laws) is excited to see the happy couple’s new home. After your initial panic attack of hosting your very first holiday dinner, take a breath and remember that A Green Way Home Cleaning is here to help! If you are ready to crack under all the pressure, let us save you by ordering special event cleanings in Kansas City. Special event cleanings in Kansas City is one of the best ways to ensure your home is allergen free.

With all the new family coming in, you are promised to get a few surprises! Don’t surprise them with a dirty home and make a great first impression today by giving A Green Way a call! Here at A Green Way Home Cleaning, we are passionate about a deep clean! We believe it is important to see the difference between a deep clean, and a surface clean. A surface clean is whenever your maid service only whisked away the top layer of dirt and dust. A deep clean gives you a penetrating clean that sparkles to the core.

In addition to impressing your new in-laws, your family will be comfortable meeting their new family members! Take a deep breathe and relax after your special event cleanings in Kansas City. Know that your home will sparkle with anticipation for the upcoming celebration. Another important factor to consider when selecting a company for your special event cleanings in Kansas City, is the type of cleaning agents used. A Green Way uses eco-friendly and safe chemicals on your home. Instead of leaving your home smelling like a bleach factory, your home will smell like you!

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