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Health Home Cleaning in Kansas CityIf you are ready to start protecting your family from harmful toxins, then you may want to consider switching to safe home cleaning services in KC! Most of the popular cleaning agent brands consist of 70% unknown and harmful chemicals. These unknown and harmful chemicals can give your family a headache, nausea, and dizziness after they are overexposed. Start protecting your family today by hiring A Green Way for better and safe home cleaning services in KC.

Harsh bleach may be able to remove mildew and mold, but it can come with a bigger price. Here at A Green Way, we specialize in using eco-friendly cleaning agents for your home! Eco-friendly cleaning agents are made with safer chemicals than your typical store brands. Many other maid services and home cleaning companies use the typical brands that you are used to seeing on the shelves in the grocery store. The substances and intense fragrances found in harsh chemicals may cause small health effects that put your family at risk. With the winter slowly creeping up, more and more of your family’s time will be spent indoors.

To start protecting the health of your family, call A Green Way today for safe home cleaning services in KC! Learn the difference between the standard maid services and us by scheduling an estimate today! You’ll notice a difference in customer service immediately for your safe home cleaning services in KC. We are dedicated to leaving an immaculate clean for you and your family to enjoy for an entire month! Most of our clients only need our services once a month. Learn what a luxury clean looks like by scheduling safe home cleaning services in KC with A Green Way Home Cleaning