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With the kids back in the swing of school and after-school activities, your schedule gets busier too. Making it home after work just in-time to pick the kids up and wait for their practice to be over takes away time spent cleaning your home. In addition to your schedule going back to crazy, the playoffs are leaving your house a nacho cheese diaster. To help remove the nacho cheese and BBQ stains, schedule reoccurring Olathe maid services to carry your home to the Super Bowl!

Schedule reoccurring Olathe maid services to be prepared for the playoffs and the Super Bowl! Get your free quote to get started!

footballThe Super Bowl is America’s favorite atheltic event of the year. Many fans watch it for the teams that are playing, while the other half of America watches it for the commercials. Regardless of why you are watching the Super Bowl, you are watching it and propbably using it as an excuse to eat a unneccessary amount of BBQ and nacho cheese. In the uproar of your favorite team winning, chips and BBQ are promised to go everywhere! To ensure every ounce of fan food gets removed from your carpet, make sure the Green Way team is scheduled to make a visit!

Reoccurring Olathe maid services are in high demand! The Green Way team is talented and many of our customers already have their visits scheduled for the remainder of the year. You can easily plan the visits around holidays, atheltic events, and family visits. Our visits are guaranteed to be on-time and to provide the best customer service that our customers expect from us! If you are curious what else our devoted customers have to say, check out our testimonials by following this link.