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Start getting used to a spotless office with reoccuring Lee’s Summit commerical cleaning from the professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning!

If you are tired of constantly having to pick up after your employees or watching the employee chore list lacking signatures, it may be time to bring in the professionals for your office’s reoccuring Lee’s Summit commerical cleaning. Work can easily pile up at any office and make daily cleaning duties difficult to manage. See how you can simplify your day by giving the Green Way team a call today!

Learn how reoccuring Lee’s Summit commerical cleaning can make your office function more successfully!

Reoccuring Lee's Summit Commerical CleaningCollaborating in a cluttered room never works. Either the team gets distracted by the mess and ends up cleaning up, or the conversation doesn’t flow naturally. To get your team back on track, give A Green Way a call today to get your office back up and running.

During your reoccuring Lee’s Summit commercial cleaning, the Green Way team will show up fully prepared to deep clean the office. A deep cleaning means that your entire office space will be detailed and polished. Detailing an office is not any different from detailing a home. While our team is cleaning, we are careful to clean all the spots between the ceiling and the floor. We start every project at the very top of the problem; the ceiling. The ceiling is the most neglected surface in your office. Once the ceiling is clean, we move down the wall to the windows and light fixtures. Once the crown molding; walls; light fixtures; and art are polished, we move onto the furtiture in the space. All furniture will be cleaned by hand or by our HEPA microfiber vaccum. We are unique in the fact that our teams do not use mops or brooms because they simply push dirt around!

To get your office cleaned correctly, give us a call today for you free quote!