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Make these next couple of month run smoothly with Kansas City holiday maid services from A Green Way Home Cleaning. Call us today for a free quote!

Pre-Party House Cleaning in Kansas CityWe are one week away from the official kick-off of the holiday season. With family flowing in and out of your home, the house will get messy. It seems as soon as your family arrives, a messy and dirty house will appear out of nowhere. As if cued, your family will start to comment on how you didn’t clean the home for them. We both know that wasn’t the case. Ensure that your family will have nothing to bicker about by calling A Green Way today to schedule reoccuring Kansas City holiday maid services!

Put a stop to the family bickering by scheduling reoccuring Kansas City holiday maid services today!

Here at A Green Way, we are dedicated to providing the areas best eco-friendly clean. Eco-friendly cleaning agents are the better choice because they are free of toxins that can circlulate your home. While most other maid services in the Kansas City area use the typical harsh chemicals we are used to seeing in the store. In addition to providing a safe cleaning option, we are also happy to fully remove dirt and dust from your home. To exile the dirt and dust from your home, we use a HEPA mirco filter vaccum to goble down all the dust bunnies. Whenever we leave your home, you will shocked that your home can be cleaner than when you moved in.

To promise your home is always clean, order our reoccuring Kansas City holiday maid services. Our maid services are more than your typical maid service. Contact us today by clicking here, and a member of the Green Way team will reach out to you to schedule your free quote!