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Regular Home Cleaning Service in Leawood

day-planner-828611_640Looking for a regular home cleaning service in Leawood?  At A Green Way Cleaning, we offer regular home cleaning…with a twist.  Instead of hiring a cleaning company to surface clean your home once a week, schedule the professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning for an immaculate, perfect, deep home cleaning just once a month.  While other Leawood cleaning companies may focus on one room in your home for a deep cleaning each week, A Green Way deep cleans your entire home for an immaculate result you have to see to believe.  Our deep home clean begins from top to bottom, cleaning every single surface by hand.  It’s true!  We start with the your ceiling, then crown molding, walls, light fixtures and fan blades, tops of door and window frames and light switches.  We then move on to furniture- moving every object and cleaning it by hand as well as underneath and around it, appliances, and window treatments.  You’ll never have to worry about cleaning your blinds…we meticulously clean each blind by hand, front and back.  Next comes the interiors of drawers, cabinets, appliances, pantries, shelving and closets. Finally, the baseboards and floors are scrubbed by hand, leaving no trace of dirt or residue.
By deep cleaning every room regularly, your own weekly cleaning duties will be next to nothing. Just quickly wipe down surfaces and vacuum or sweep the floors once a week and your home will be sparkling clean!  Regular deep cleaning by A Green Way means you’ll never get behind in your cleaning again, and your home will constantly be a beautiful haven where you can relax with your family or entertain friends.

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