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fan.Still001If you’re looking for a regularly scheduled cleaning service to come clean your home, don’t waste your money on a home cleaner who only spends a few hours each week cleaning your home. Instead, turn to A Green Way Home Cleaning as your recurring home cleaning service in Mission Hills! We specialize in deep cleanings, and after just one clean from A Green Way, you’ll notice that your house remains significantly cleaner, longer. We are so confident in our cleaning services that we recommend you only schedule your recurring home cleaning service in Mission Hills with us approximately once a month, and even then you will rarely have to do any surface cleaning between visits. We also bring all our own supplies and materials, and there’s no long-term contracts to worry about.

The experienced Green Way cleaners meticulously clean your home from top to bottom using only good old fashioned elbow grease and no fancy equipment that can leave scratches. We scrub and polish all surfaces of your home, including, but certainly not limited to, floors, counters, baseboards, and individual window blinds. We are also sure to clean the inside of drawers, cabinets, and appliances thoroughly to leave your home in a pristine state.

As a part of your recurring home cleaning service in Mission Hills, our cleaners only use 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable cleaning products that leave your home looking cleaner and smelling fresher, with the added benefit of not exposing your family or pets to harmful chemicals and allergens that standard cleaning products leave behind. To see what some of our  clients have to say about A Green Way’s deep cleanings, click here.

To schedule your free, on-location quote for A Green Way’s recurring home cleaning service in Mission Hills, click here. We can’t wait to hear from you!