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Recurring Deep Home Cleaning in Kansas City

day-planner-828611_640You may already know that A Green Way Cleaning specializes in quality deep home cleaning, but did you know that we also offer recurring deep home cleaning in Kansas City? If you’ve worked with the professionals at A Green Way Cleaning before, then you understand the benefits of the quality, long-lasting deep home cleaning service that we provide. The deep home clean is our most highly requested service.  With other home cleaning services, you might need to schedule an appointment every week to keep your home looking its best.  But with a deep cleaning by A Green Way Cleaning, many of our clients schedule our services once a month.  That’s because we offer a deep clean like you’ve never experienced. We clean your home from top to bottom, by hand, with extreme attention to detail.  Our deep clean makes it easy for you to maintain a perfectly clean home with a quick surface cleaning in between our visits.  All you’ll need to do is wipe down surfaces and floors once a week.  You’ll find that with recurring deep home cleaning from A Green Way Home Cleaning, your home will stay cleaner longer. We can’t wait for you to see how much easier it is to keep a clean home when we’ve done the hard part for you…all you need to to is maintain it with 20-30 minutes of cleaning a week!  We will work with you to create a schedule for your recurring deep cleanings.  Whether you’d like to see us once a month, once every 2 months, or once a quarter, you’ll be able to look forward to your next deep clean!

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