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Before you move a single item into your new home, make sure it’s 100% clean! A Green Way Home Cleaning specializes in professional pre-moving cleaning in Kansas City.

hand-truck-564238_640Congratulations on finding  a great new home to call your own. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dreaming of how you’ll place your furniture and decorate each and every room. There’s so much to do during a move than one important task often gets overlooked…the pre-moving cleaning! It’s so important to deep clean your new home before you begin bringing in your personal items and furniture. Not only is it easier to clean when you’re not having to get around bulky items, but- to be honest- you never know what dirt and debris could be lurking from the previous owner. Luckily, A Green Way Home Cleaning is known for providing professional pre-moving cleaning in Kansas City. Let us take the pre-moving cleaning off of your to-do list.

At A Green Way Home Cleaning, we specialize in deep home cleaning, which is perfect for preparing your new home. Our meticulous and efficient employees begin at the top of each room and work their way down, cleaning each and every surface by hand. This includes crown molding, ceiling fans and other light fixtures, the tops of doors and windows, individual blinds, window sills, banisters, counters, baseboards, and floors. Some customers also hire A Green Way Home to clean inside of drawers, cabinets, closets, and unfinished areas such as laundry rooms and pantries. This ensures that your home is 100% clean and that future daily cleaning will be easy to maintain.

Contact A Green Way Home Cleaning today to schedule your professional pre-moving cleaning in Kansas City. We look forward to meeting you and helping you prepare to move into your beautiful new home.