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Talk to A Green Way today about scheduling your very own pre-party holiday home cleaning in KC to take some stress away the holiday season!

Are you ready to host this year’s holiday? If you have already made your holiday party checklist, you may want to make sure a pre-party holiday home cleaning in KC from A Green Way made the cut! Make sure your home is professionally cleaned so you can sit back and try to enjoy the stress of having the entire family come together. After your pre-party holiday home cleaning in KC, your family will walk into a outstandingly cleaned home and smell the scent of roasted turkey and glazes cranberries.

A Greenway Promo.Still019What cleaning agents are used during A Green Way pre-party holiday home cleaning in KC?

A Green Way, we are passionate about providing the best clean with the best eco-friendly cleaning agents. By refraining from using harsh chemicals on your home, we are able to leave your home sparkling without leaving a factory clean smell. We are all familiar with the factory clean smell. The smell of bleach is never a welcoming smell. In many people, that smell can give homeowners and their family a migraine after long periods of exposure. In addition to exposing your family to a health risk, bleach products are very harsh on the materials used in your home. The prolonged use of bleach can easily breakdown some simple materials in your home over time, which can cause them to lose their color and natural shine.

To schedule an eco-friendly pre-party holiday home cleaning in KC from the specialists at A Green Way, follow this link to introduce yourself. After you submit your contact information, a team member at A Green Way will reach out to you and set up your free quote!