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For quality post-renovation cleaning in Olathe, contact the deep cleaning professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning.

furniture-998265_640A Green Way Home Cleaning offers quality, detailed, post-renovation cleaning in Olathe and the greater Kansas City Area. Our customers trust us to provide detailed cleaning services in their homes and offices that are above and beyond the typical Olathe cleaning service. Once you’ve experienced a deep cleaning service from A Green Way Home, you’ll see why we stand above the rest.

What are the benefits of a post-renovation cleaning in Olathe?

After going through a home renovation- be it a kitchen, bathroom or basement- it’s a great feeling to relax and enjoy your newly renovated space. But after a renovation, there can be a great deal of dust and debris left over. A post renovation cleaning in Olathe will take care of all post-renovation residue, leaving your home sparkling clean.

What does post-renovation cleaning in Olathe by A Green Way Home Cleaning include?

A Green Way Home Cleaning specializes in deep home cleaning. A post-renovation cleaning is the perfect application for this type of cleaning, as dirt and debris from a renovation can get into all the nooks and crannies of your home. A Green Way Home’s meticulous staff will clean the entire space by hand, wiping down walls, ceilings, moldings, lighting fixtures and baseboards, using only 100% non-toxic products that are safe to use on your newly renovated home. A Green Way Home can also deep clean your floors by hand, as well as the tops of windows, doors, and cabinets, and individual window blinds.

Contact the professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning for post-renovation cleaning in Olathe and the greater Kansas City area. We can’t wait to help you enjoy your newly renovated home! Give us a call or complete the contact form on this page.