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Post-Construction Cleaning in Briarcliff
building-1030838_640Have you recently built a new home or completed renovations on your home?  Congratulations!  You’re one step closer to living in the home of your dreams.  But what about all the dust and debris left over from the construction? A Green Way Home Cleaning provides quality post-construction cleaning in Briarcliff and the entire Kansas City area.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of moving into your brand new home or having a newly remodeled space to enjoy. Make sure that space is ready for you with a post-construction cleaning.  If you’ve received deep cleaning services from A Green Way Home Cleaning in the past, then you know what a difference it makes for your home.  Our post-construction cleaning service provides the same meticulous, deep clean as our tried and true deep cleaning or recurring deep cleaning services.  Each surface is deep cleaned by hand and once the entire house is clean, the Crew Leader performs a detailed quality control inspection to make sure everything is perfect.  To really make sure your home is completely clean, you may add the cleaning of cabinet, pantry and closet interiors, the insides of kitchen and bathroom drawers, and unfinished areas of the home.  This is especially recommended for completely brand new homes, as contractors most likely have not taken the time to wipe out the interiors of kitchen drawers, cabinets, fixtures and appliances.  At A Green Way Home, we understand the effort and expense necessary to complete constructions and renovations. With this last and final touch, you’ll be sure that you can enjoy your new home or new space..sparkling clean.

Contact A Green Way’s friendly staff about post-construction cleaning in Briarcliff or the Kansas City area.  Whether your entire home is brand-new or just the breakfast nook, we look forward to hearing from you!