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The Importance of Pet Safe Home Cleaning in Kansas City

We sure have been getting a ton of rain here in Kansas City! dog-1086285_640While our dogs have had a blast romping through puddles and rolling in the mud, it’s not so much fun for us when they track all of that dirt back into our homes. Not to mention the ongoing battle of pet odor and the inevitable puppy accidents. But what’s the best way to tackle these huge messes caused by our furry friends? For years, chemical companies have advertised that the only way to effectively clean your home is to use lots of harsh chemicals. But these commercial cleaning products that contain ingredients like chlorine, bleach, and formaldehyde, can increase our pets risks of cancer, anemia, and liver and kidney damage. Even if you sanction Fido to another area of the house while these chemicals are used, their vapors can linger close to the ground and effect our pets for days or weeks.

A Green Way Home Cleaning Offers Pet Safe Home Cleaning in Kansas City

Luckily, people are beginning to see that all-natural cleaning products can cut through grime and demolish germs just as well (or better) than commercial chemical-laden products. For example, the pet safe home cleaning products used by A Green Way Home Cleaning are designed to removed stains instead of just bleach them away, and to leave your home smelling fresh and clean, instead of like harsh chemicals. Our meticulous staff cleans your home from top to bottom by hand, ensuring a thorough, squeaky clean home using 100% non-toxic products and practices.

To learn more about why A Green Way Home Cleaning is devoted to non-toxic cleaning practices, please click here. If you’re ready to schedule your pet safe home cleaning in Kansas City, click here to schedule a quote from A Green Way Home. Our staff personally visits each location to ensure an accurate and affordable quote.