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pet-friendly house cleaning in kansas cityAt A Green Way Home Cleaning, we love our pets! That is why we offer completely pet-friendly cleaning in Kansas City. Just look at how happy this pooch is in her Green Way Home Cleaning t-shirt!

Kansas City pet-owners know that summer is a hectic time of year. With the kids out of school, family vacations and everyone (including pets) running in and out of the house, our homes can look like disaster areas by June! Take the chaos out of cleaning and call A Green Way Home Cleaning this summer. Not only will your home be immaculately cleaned with our specialized deep cleaning services, you can rest assured that your pet and your family won’t be inhaling nasty chemicals from commercial cleaning products.

Let’s face it: Fido isn’t always the best house guest. Our dogs have a blast outside in the summer and then run through the house spreading mud, dirt, bugs and who knows what else! And we all know that frequent and messy accidents are just part of a puppy’s M.O. At A Green Way Home Cleaning, we use only 100% non-toxic cleaning products and practices. Instead of using commercial chemical cleaners that only mask odors and bleach stains, our team uses all natural, environmentally products that actually remove stains and smells.

With pet-friendly cleaning in Kansas City from A Green Way Home, you’ll also benefit from our signature deep cleaning services. Our meticulous staff gets to every nook and cranny, ensuring a complete home cleaning like you’ve never experienced! Contact A Green Way Home today to schedule your pet-friendly cleaning in Kansas City.