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Ready for your open house, but your home isn’t shinning like it used to? Have your house beam with pride with an open house cleaning in Leawood by the cleaning professionals at A Green Way Home.

Taking a step back 24 hours before your open house, you take in everything you have accomplished. You’ve posted the for “For Sale” sign in the front yard and the kid’s toys are stashed away. Walking around your house, you come to a dreadful realization. Your never got your open house cleaning in Leawood! Oh no! Don’t fear, there is still time! Give A Green Way Home Cleaning a call before the clock runs out.

Stop the race against the clock by contacting the Green Way team today!

After the Green Way team leaves your home shinning brighter than open-house-778_640the day you moved in, you will be able to stop the clock and focus on saying goodbye to your home! Say goodbye with the eleven point cleaning checklist perfected by A Green Way Home Cleaning. The Crew Leader will ensure your home has every surface sparkling. Our open house cleaning in Leawood comes with a 3D cleaning. By starting at the top of each room, and working our way to the bottom, it minimizes room for cleaning error. Most maid services start on the floor, and make their way to the ceiling. We raise the question, why would you sprinkle dust on an already cleaned surface? You wouldn’t.

What can my home expect for an open house cleaning in Leawood?

You home can expect polished ceiling, dusted ceiling fans, and scrubbed crown molding. After the ceiling is perfect, the Green Way team moves onto the walls and windows. The window treatments, panels, wall light fixtures, and walls must be sparkling before the team moves onto the furniture. Worries about all the pet air? No worries! A Green Way cleans vacuums up the pet air with a HEPA micro fiber vacuum! Before we leave, we scrub every inch of your floor with our own elbow grease. Know that you will be ready for your open house with a home cleaning from A Green Way Home.