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Schedule your North KC Spring home cleaning today from the professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaing!

Get ahead of your neighbors on their Spring Cleaning by scheduling a visit from the North KC Spring home cleaning professional at A Green Way! The Green Way team is prepared to tackle your home from top to bottom. By starting at the top of any room, you get a more detailed home cleaning. If our cleaning professionals started at the base of the room, then dust from the ceiling would fall onto the previously cleaned floor and newly vacuumed furniture.

Scheduling a North KC Spring home cleaning from A Green Way is the only way to stay on top of this season’s cleaning.

north kc spring home cleaningMaintaining your home’s level of clean is a topic that many of our customers have questions about. The best way to ensure your home is dirt and dust free is to schedule a visit from the Green Way team for once a week. Although most of our customers only require a monthly cleaning, some customers prefer our weekly visits. If you are one of our many customers who require one of our monthly visits, try and keep your home cleaner for longer by following some of these helpful tips:

  • Dry your sink after you wash your hands.
  • Pull the comforter to your pillows.
  • Leave your shoes at the door or entryway.
  • Unload the dishwasher before breakfast. This way, all dirty dishes can immediately be placed inside the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher at night to ensure all dishes from the day are getting washed.
  • Ask yourself what pointless trinket you are letting go of today. This will help you declutter your home.

Now that you are prepared to keep your home tidy, follow this link to contact a member of the Green Way team today!