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Make sure your spring cleaning is safe for you, your family, and your pets, with non-toxic spring cleaning in Kansas City from A Green Way Home Cleaning.

earth-43930_640We all know the effects that harsh chemicals can have on our health: breathing problems, skin irritation, and much, much worse. So why do we welcome chemical cleaning products into our homes? These sprays, foams, and scrubs can be dangerous to our loved ones and pets, and don’t necessarily get your home clean to begin with. With years of experience in non-toxic cleaning, A Green Way Home Cleaning offers non-toxic spring cleaning in Kansas City that is safe and effective.

Chemical Cleaners: why they don’t work as well as you may think.

While it might seem that chemical cleaners get rid of stains and odors, sometimes the opposite is true. Chemical cleaners used on stains from mold or mildew may remove the stain visibly using harsh bleach. But the non-toxic cleaners used by A Green Way Home are designed to actually remove the stain completely. Fragrances added to chemical cleaners may cover up odors in your home by masking them with chemical formulas. But these substances can cause acute effects like breathing irritation, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches, and even asthma. With a non-toxic spring cleaning in Kansas City from A Green Way Home, your home will be left smelling like fresh, clean, spring air, instead of toxic, unnatural fragrances.

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