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family-home-475879_640Our family’s homes are the centers of our lives. A lot of amazing things happen in our homes…first steps, birthday and graduation parties, warm family dinners, important conversations, and welcoming new friends. While it’s one thing to keep your home clean and tidy, it’s important that your home is a safe place for your family, friends, and pets. We often think about the polution we encounter on the highway, or the processed chemicals we try to avoid in our foods. But how often do you think about the toxic chemicals that might exist in your home from cleaning products used by you or your cleaning service? You think that we are improving our homes cleaning away dirt and grime, but you may actually be introducing dangerous chemicals that can cause a host of health issues .

A Green Way Home Cleaning is a 100% non-toxic Kansas City cleaning service.

At A Green Way Home Cleaning, our staff understands the importance of using natural, eco-friendly, safe products. That is why we only use 100% non-toxic products and practices. A Green Way Home specializes in deep cleaning, which means that each and every surface of your home will be carefully cleaned by hand using all natural products. You can rest easy knowing your home is perfectly clean, and free from harsh toxins that can cause respiratory health issues and skin irritations. Your pets, children, spouse, and visiting friends and family will be breathing fresh, clean air, instead of harsh chemicals and odors.

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