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Congratulations, you’ve just closed on your new home! Time to make it your own, and freshen it up with new home cleaning in Kansas City from A Green Way Home Cleaning.

home-740260_640After the long process of searching for the perfect home, negotiating an offer, and scheduling inspections and repairs, it’s about time you get to enjoy yourself by moving into your new home! But there’s one last thing you need to do before you’re fully ready to move in; call A Green Way Home Cleaning for new home cleaning in Kansas City! We are here to clean your new home from top to bottom, so everything is fresh and clean for your arrival.

What is included in a new home cleaning in Kansas City from A Green Way Home?

At A Green Way Home Cleaning, we specialize in deep home cleaning. This approach is drastically different than what you may find with a typical maid service. Our meticulous staff cleans each and every surface of your home from top to bottom. We start with the ceilings, crown molding, the tops of doors and windows, ceiling fans and lighting fixtures, shelving, and move our way down to wainscoting, individual window blinds, window sills, base boards, and flooring. Some homeowners opt to hire use for even deeper cleaning, including the insides of drawers and cabinets, and unfinished areas like laundry rooms and closets. No matter what we are cleaning, we always use 100% non-toxic products and practices. So you can rest assured that you’re happy new home will like fresh, healthy air, instead of harsh chemicals. It’s better for your belongings, better for your family, and better for your pets.

Contact A Green Way Home Cleaning today to get started! The first step is a consultation, when we will develop an accurate quote. Then we will schedule your new home cleaning in Kansas City so you can start enjoying your new home!