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baby-165067_640Are you looking for an awesome Mother’s Day gift in Leawood? A Green Way Home Cleaning has got you covered! There’s still time to get the Mom in your life the Mother’s Day gift she really wants…a clean home!

With a Mother’s Day gift in Leawood from A Green Way Home, Mom will receive a clean home like she’s never experienced before. That’s because we specialize in deep cleaning services. Not your average maid service, A Green Way Home uses meticulous practices to get your home as clean as possible. One tactic we use is to clean everything by hand. We begin at the top of your home with the crown molding, lighting fixtures and easily-forgotten areas like the tops of doors and windows. We then move on to shelving, carefully removing each individual object to clean it by hand before placing it back on the clean shelf. We’re talking clean! Our eco-friendly products help to ensure a deep clean by actually removing dirt and stains instead of just masking them like many commercial, chemical cleaners.  Our non-toxic products will leave your house smelling like fresh air instead harsh chemicals engineered to cover up odors. Because mops tend to leave residue and dirt behind, our hard-working employees clean hardwood, linoleum and tile floors by hand to leave your floors sparkling clean. Sure, candy and flowers are always nice, but this Mother’s Day gift in Leawood is sure to please! There’s nothing better than seeing the look on Mom’s face as she opens the door to her perfectly cleaned home.

Contact A Green Way Home Cleaning for your perfect Mother’s Day gift in Leawood today…we look forward to hearing from you!