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Sellers leave the property in a mess? Get a fresh start with move in cleaning services in Kansas City from A Green Way Home.

Sure, they might have left the home “broom clean” before closing, but there’s still plenty of dust, dirt, and grime that needs to be addressed before you move in. With all that’s involved in a move, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time scrubbing floors, walls, and window treatments. Fortunately, A Green Way Home Cleaning provides thorough move in cleaning services in Kansas City and the surrounding area.

move in cleaning services in kansas cityA Green Way Home Cleaning will leave your new home spotless from floor to ceiling with move in cleaning services in Kansas City.

At A Green Way Home Cleaning, we specialize in deep home cleaning. Each and every surface of the home will be thoroughly cleaned by hand. Floors are scrubbed, walls are washed, vents are dusted, fixtures are polished, window blinds are wiped. Many of our customers extend these deep cleaning services to a monthly or bi-monthly basis, as it keeps their home looking as new and fresh as they day they moved in. Click here to learn more about our recurring cleaning services.

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