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Enjoy a dust-free, grime-free, dirt-free home 365 days a year with monthly deep home cleaning in Olathe. Every surface is cleaned thoroughly by hand.

Some homeowners in Kansas City turn to weekly or bi-weekly maid services to take care of their home cleaning needs. While the frequency of these services may seem enticing, your home is most likely receiving a cursory cleaning. With more thorough cleanings from professionals that specialize in deep cleaning, homeowners can rest assured that each and every surface of their home is 100% clean, and find that they can schedule their housekeeping services less often, even once a month or once every two months! A Green Way Home Cleaning, know for their meticulous, non-toxic cleaning services,  offers monthly deep home cleaning in Olathe and the entire Kansas City area.

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A Green Way Home Cleaning can work with your budget and your specific housekeeping needs to create an efficient deep cleaning schedule. Contact A Green Way Home today for a free quote on monthly deep home cleaning in Olathe or anywhere in Kansas City.