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home-663241_640If you have an apartment, or multiple apartment units that need to be cleaned to look perfect for the next tenants, contact A green Way Home Cleaning today! We offer make ready cleaning services in Shawnee, and all over the Kansas City metro area. We provide our unique deep cleaning service to all types of apartment and condo complexes, anywhere from 40 to 400 units and all that’s in between. The new tenants will be absolutely astounded by their spotlessly clean new home, as we remove any trace of the unit’s previous owners to ensure that they have a fresh start.

In addition to a gorgeously clean new apartment, let your tenants know their apartment has been cleaned with entirely non-toxic and environmentally friendly products and materials. With our make ready cleaning services in Shawnee, you never have to worry about unintentionally exposing tenants or their pets to harmful toxins or allergens that standard cleaning products typically leave behind. We meticulously clean all surfaces of each unit by hand as part of our make ready cleaning services in Shawnee. This means that we hand polish and scrub all countertops, floors, moldings, baseboards, and even individual window blinds. Our experienced cleaners will be sure to get inside all drawers, cabinets, and appliances as well to help provide you with the best make ready cleaning services in Shawnee!

Since we are an as-needed service, your make ready cleaning services in Shawnee from A Green Way are not offered in a long-term contract and we bring all our own supplies and materials. We are also fully insured for worker’s compensation and liability.  Trust the professional cleaners at A Green Way Home Cleaning to make all your new tenants fully satisfied with their like-new unit. To schedule an on-location quote for A Green Way’s make ready cleaning services in Shawnee, please click here.