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Never find another dust bunny again with the ultimate deep cleaning maid service in Lenexa from the specialists at A Green Way Home!

Do you keep finding dust bunnies pop up after your maid service leaves? Find the better maid service in town. A Green Home Cleaning specializes in deep cleaning to ensure a thorough clean each and every time! Hire the more efficient deep cleaning maid service in Lenexa; hire the Green Way team today! bedroom-690129_640

A Green Way Home Cleaning focuses on eco-friendly deep cleaning. The Green Way team banishes the dust bunnies with elbow grease. We do not believe in using brooms or mops because they push the dust bunnies around on your floor. Why do you want a maid service in Lenexa that pushes around the dust bunnies, instead of kicking them out? Ensure your house remains dust bunny free by hiring the better maid service in Lenexa.

As well as using elbow grease, the Green Way team pairs it with eco-friendly cleaning agents. Most maid services use harsh chemicals in your home. Eco-friendly cleaning agents are designed to clean just as well as the harsh chemicals you see in the supermarket. We believe in using the eco-friendly cleaning agents to protect your home and family. Ensure your pets and family can breathe in safe air after your maid service in Lenexa!

With a decade of maid service in Lenexa, A Green Way Home Cleaning is known for providing excellent customer service. We understand hiring the right maid service in Lenexa is important to you. Inviting strangers into your home can be scary at first. Know that we are dedicated to our customers, and providing the best customer service we can! Ready to make the eco-friendly switch? Give us a call for a free quote. Curious about what our customers say about us? Click here to join the conversation!