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Check out what makes A  Green Way’s Leawood home cleaning services different from the others! Contact us for a free quote today!

If you are looking for the best Leawood home cleaning services around, check out A Green Way! The team at A Green Way focuses on a deeper and healthier clean. Opening the front door after a recent Leawood home cleaning should invite you home! Are you tired of the chemical “clean” smell? It may be time to switch to a better company. A Green Way uses eco-friendly cleaning agents to leave your home smelling naturally clean!

What is included in A Green Way’s Leawood home cleaning services?

kitchen-416027_640A Green Way includes outstanding customer service and detailed cleanings into each customer’s service! To create your own cleaning package, introduce yourself today by following this link. Here at A Green Way, we specialize in creating a custom Leawood home cleaning services package because nobody’s home is the same! Most customers select a reoccurring service for one or two rooms in their home. A Green Way offers:

  • Move-in and move-out home cleanings
  • Pre-party and after-party clean up
  • Leawood home cleanings before your house goes up on the market
  • Deep natural cleaning services
  • Reoccurring home cleanings
  • Health cleanings
  • and much more!

Give A Green Way Home cleaning today to schedule your free quote! We are passionate about cleaning your home to improve you and your family’s health. The leading cleaning agents only have about 30% of the chemicals tested for potential harmful effects. Start breathing fresher air today by switching to eco-friendly cleaning agents. 100% of the chemicals used in our cleaning agents are safe for your family to inhale. We don’t suggest you do, but you will be able to sleep better knowing what your family is breathing in.