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Mother’s Day is tomorrow! What are you getting your Kansas City mom? Leave it A Green Way Home Cleaning to save the day! We offer an array of services plus gift certificates to make gifting easy.

Kansas City momAlthough giving gifts can be difficult, the cleaning professionals at A Green Way believe that gifting is easy when you give the right gift! The right gift is thoughtful and effortless for you. To give a thoughtful and effortless gift, give us a call today to give your Kansas City mom the day she deserves. By having your home cleaned by the team at A Green Way, you give her the ultimate gift of relaxation.

Your most loved Kansas City mom deserves a Mother’s Day that is unique and different from last year’s.

What did you do to celebrate her last year? If you made her breakfast in bed, take her out for dinner. If you and the kids got together to make her a memorable keepsake, take the kids to the store to craft the ulitmate at-home spa package. To create the best at-home spa package, pick out her favorites of the following items:

  • Five scented candles
  • Bath salt, scrub, or bath bomb
  • Snack
  • New body sponge
  • Fresh Flowers

Once you have all the necessary parts of her ultimate at-home spa kit, create a beautiful set up in the bathroom. You can either have the kids set it up while you are keeping her busy by making dinner, or set it up at night so it is the first thing she sees in the morning. Once she sees that there is nothing to clean thanks to the Green Way team, she will just have to relax in her spa! Give us a call today.