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We all have certain house cleaning tasks that drive us up the wall. Tell us what yours are! We assume “window blinds” will be making the top 5…

It’s different for everyone. Some Kansas City homeowners despise vacuuming pet hair. Others hate dusting. Pretty much everyone dislikes scrubbing toilets. But we’re curious…what’s your least favorite house cleaning task?

house cleaningSpoiler Alert: The least favorite cleaning task is ALL OF THEM AT ONCE.

When taken individually, most house cleaning tasks are manageable, and can even be done fairly quickly. But when you have an entire home to clean, whether you’re expecting company, moving in or moving out, or getting your home show ready for an open house, these individual tasks can become an almost insurmountable problem. Many of our homeowners find that a monthly or bi-monthly deep cleaning makes their regular cleaning tasks easier and less time-consuming.

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