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Get a fresh start this season with Kansas City spring cleaning services from the deep cleaning professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning.

There’s nothing like a spring home cleaning to celebrate the warm weather, sunny days, and blooming trees. But are you sure you’re getting your home as clean as possible? A Green Way Home Cleaning provides Kansas City spring cleaning services that help to ensue a completely clean home. A Green Way Home Cleaning is known in Kansas City for specializing in deep home cleaning services, which vary drastically from your typical maid service.

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What is included in Green Way’s Kansas City spring cleaning services?

architectural-224243_640Let’s start at the top. A deep home cleaning from A Green Way Home Cleaning begins at the ceilings, when meticulous Green Way employees carefully clean crown molding, ceiling fans, the tops of doors and windows, high shelves, and other lighting fixtures. They then move on to other shelving, picture frames, window sills, the front and back of individual window blinds, lamps, wall lighting, mantles, and other objects. Furniture is next, including couches, chairs, coffee tables, end tables, floor lamps, desks, and counters. Last but not least, the Green Way team will tackle baseboards, as well as hardwood, carpeting and linoleum floors. Let’s not forget the deep cleaning services provided for bathrooms and kitchens. When A Green Way Home Cleaning provides your Kansas City spring cleaning services, every surface of your home is deep cleaned. Some clients also elect for extra cleaning, including the inside of cabinets, drawers, appliances, and closets. It’s important to note that each of these tasks is done by hand. Mops and brooms can move dirt and debris from one place to another. By cleaning surfaces and floors by hand, A Green Way Home Cleaning provides the most efficient and complete cleaning in town.

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