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Surprise your loved one with the gift of a deep cleaned home! A Green Way has everything you need!

home cleaning gift certificates in Kansas CityWalking into a freshly cleaned home after A Green Way left, you know how that feels. It feels blissful and relaxing. You didn’t even have to lift a finger, and your home is sparkling from it. Spread that feeling to your loved ones by giving them Kansas City home cleaning gift certificates! These gift certificates are the perfect way to wish somebody a happy birthday! Spread the love and home cleanliness with A Green Way today!

What services do the Kansas City home cleaning gift certificates give your loved ones?

A Green Way Home Cleaning, we’re not your typical Kansas City maid service. We practice the best type of home cleaning: deep cleaning services. Deep cleaning is totally different from regular maid cleaning! Each and every inch of your home is scrubbed and polished by hand. All of the employees at A Green Way Home Cleaning take pride in the quality of job provided! We would never leave a cleaning job half finished. By using best deep cleaning practices, it ensures that no dirt and grim are left behind!

Another great perk of Kansas City Home cleaning gift certificates from A Green Way Home Cleaning is that we are one of the few Kansas City cleaning companies that use eco-friendly cleaning agents. Eco-friendly cleaning agents are great because all the chemicals used in them are tested and safe for your family. Most of the standard store brands fail to test all of their chemicals. Keep your family safe by switching to a more natural clean!

Kansas City home cleaning gift certificates are perfect for your new neighbors; your sister who works 70 hours a week; your mother who says she is “too tired” to clean the house; your uncle who is stuck with the kids this weekend; and anybody else in your family using their busy life as an excuse to not clean their home. Contact a member of the Green Way team to order your Kansas City home cleaning gift certificates today!