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Make Valentines Day special this year by scheduling a Kansas City home cleaning! Take a break from housework and celebrate what really matters.

Kansas City Home CleaningValentine’s Day is about celebrating the love you have for your significant other. All gifts aside, this day should be spent with your loved one, not doing chores. Make your day easier by scheduling a Kansas City home cleaning from the deep cleaning professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning.

Start living free from housework with your Kansas City home cleaning!

Being free from housework on a very special holiday is a wonderful feeling. If you are planning a night out or even a night in, the Green Way team is prepared to get your home ready for anything that may come your way. The best Kansas City home cleaning is one that puts your health first. A Green Way offers health cleanings so you and your family can breathe safe healthy air. If you are worried about the toxic chemcials maid services use, give us a call for safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Eco-friendly cleaning agents are vital to keeping your home safe from the harmful effects leading cleaning agent brands have. Have you ever walked back into your home after a visit from a typical maid service only to find the smell of chlorine bleach ever present in every square inch of your home? There is a reason candle manufactures do not feature a “chlorine bleach” smell. The strong odor of chlorine bleach can be painfully harsh and cause headaches and migraines. This Valentine’s Day, don’t give your family and special someone a headache. Give everybody you love the gift of breathing in clean, unbleached, air. To schedule your Kansas City home cleaning today, call the cleaning professionals for your free quote! Click this link to introduce yourself today!