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New Year, new you? Start with a Kansas City healthy home cleaning from the professionals at A Green Way!

Kansas City Healthy Home CleaningWith January coming to a close, how have you been doing on your New Year’s Resolution? It is okay if you have already fallen off of the fitness routine. You can always start back up again. If you promised yourself to live a healthier life, you may want to take a look at the chemicals used in your home. Clean up your air quality by scheduling a Kansas City healthy home cleaning from the Green Way team.

A Green Way offers Kansas City healthy home cleaning services. Click here to get your free quote today!

Here at A Green Way Home Cleaning, we are dedicated to deep cleaning your home with cleaning agents that won’t harm your family or the surfaces found in your home. The biggest chemical that harms your home is chlorine bleach. There are many alternatives to chlorine bleach that do not harm your family and home. In addition to using eco-friendly cleaning agents, we use a safe alternative to chlorine bleach.

To make your own eco-friendly cleaning agent, try this recipe:

Natural All-Purpose Orange Cleaner

  1. Save enough orange peels to fill a 1-liter mason jar
  2. Pour in 500mL (2 Cups) of white vinegar
  3. Seal the jar and let it sit in your cupboard or on your counter for 2 weeks
  4. Open the jar and remove the orange peels, keeping the liquid.
  5. Mix water with orange liquid solution, 4 parts water for every 1 part solution in a spray bottle.

This cleaner is great for the days where you spill something on the counter. For the days that are too busy for you to tackle a dirty home, give A Green Way a call today to schedule your Kansas City healthy home cleaning.