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With wedding season in full swing, you will need a Kansas City event cleaning company. See why A Green Way is different!

Regardless of your event, it must run smoothly. After the event you worked so hard to plan and coordinate, the last thing you want to do is clean. Let the professional and experienced team behind A Green Way take care of all your Kansas City event cleaning!

How can A Green Way clean up my wedding better than any other Kansas City event cleaning company?

Kansas City event cleaningHere at A Green Way, we are passionate about deep cleaning our client’s space. Even if the venue provides a clean up crew, we suggest you hire an outside company to ensure you get your deposit back. Hiring a high quality clean up crew is not the only factor that goes into whether or not you get your deposit back or not, but the cleanliness of the space plays a big role into it.

Deep cleaning is a key ingredient for our recipe for success. While other companies just do surface cleans, we are proud to offer ecofriendly deep cleans. Deep cleans are whenever every sqaure inch of the event space is scrubbed and polished by hand. The Green Way team does not believe in using mops or brooms because they fail at picking up dirt and messes. To schedule your appointment, follow this link and a member of A Green Way Home Cleaning will schedule a time to check out the venue. Visiting the venue provides the most accurate quote possible.