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If you are searching for a reliable Johnson County maid service for the holidays, give A Green Way Home Cleaning a call for dependable service!

November has almost half finished, and the holiday season is fast approaching. Pretty soon, snow will be failing and carols will be sung! Relaxing by the fire, a realization hits you at 100 mph. You are hosting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. It’s okay, we understand how easy it is to forget the upcoming holiday plans with the rest of your life moving faster than ever before. You should be able to focus on your family this Thanksgiving, and not the cleanliness of your home. Don’t worry this year and leave the cleaning to the professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning. Give us call today to schedule your Johnson County maid service for the holidays.

christmas starrrWhat is included in a Johnson County maid service for the holidays?

Whenever you call upon the Green Way team, you call upon perfection. Perfection is not easy to obtain, but the Green Way team works hard to achieve sparkling success. During your Green Way clean, your home will be deep cleaned using eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly cleaning agents provide a safer alternative for your home. While only 30 percent of the chemicals found in the leading cleaning agents are tested for negative impacts, 100 percent of eco-friendly cleaning agents are tested. We value your overall safety and general health of your family.

In addition to a Johnson County maid service for the holidays, you can request a “main level” cleaning. A main level cleaning means that the Green Way team will just tackle the most popular rooms. The main level cleaning is designed for families that will not be staying the weekend.

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