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Before you start decorating for the holidays, give A Green Way a call to schedule your Johnson County holiday cleaning.

Kansas City Recurring Home Cleaning ServicesThis is our favorite time of year! Ghosts and witches run around on the night streets while the day is filled with beautiful ever-changing leaves. Autumn is the perfect buffer to prepare for the chilly holiday season in Kansas City! While the roads are ice-free, run all errands and beat the winter weather! Kansas City is extremely unpredictable whenever the winter rolls around. To avoid last minute holiday stress, give a Green Way a call to schedule Johnson County holiday cleaning.

What services are included in Green Way’s Johnson County holiday cleaning?

There are many added benefits to scheduling your Johnson County holiday cleaning with A Green Way Home Cleaning. One main benefit is the noticeable deeper clean that your last maid service did not provide. Deep cleaning in the most efficient way to eliminate allergens, dirt and dust. While maid services promise to clean your home, you notice dust pop back up merely a week later! The cycle never seems to end! Give yourself a longer break by hiring a professional deep cleaning. If you would like the inside of your cabinets and drawers cleaned, there is a small additional fee.

Will a Johnson County holiday cleaning get rid of all the pet hair?

Pet hair is always a tricky thing to remove from your home. To help the fight against pet hair, A Green Way uses a HEPA micro filter vacuum to collect dust, pet hair, and debris. You will notice a big difference in pet hair after your Johnson County holiday cleaning. Make sure your family can sit on your couch without blending in with the cat! To schedule your Johnson County holiday cleaning, click here and leave us your name! A Green Way team member will contact you shortly.