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Give A Green Way a call for your Johnson County eco-friendly home cleaning! Help your home turn Green this winter!

The winter months are hard on your lawn and your home. Your yard is covered with snow and ice while your home is covered in salt from the roads and water stains. Keeping up with your home in the winter means a constant smell of chlorine bleach in your home. If you are tired of trying to keep up with your home’s upkeep in the winter and the smell of your cleaning agents, give A Green Way a call for Johnson County eco-friendly home cleaning.

Johnson County eco-friendly home cleaning is better for your home and your health.

Eco-friendly cleaning agents are quickly becoming the more popular choice because families are realizing that standard cleaning agents have harmful ingredients. Your family is spending the majority of their day inside, are you going to risk their health by using non-eco-friendly cleaning agents?

In addition to improving your family’s health by making the switch to an eco-friendly home cleaning company, you are making the switch to company who clean better than the competition! We provide a deep home cleaning instead of the standard surface clean. Deep home cleaning will last longer than your standard surface clean. Surface cleans typically fail to eliminate all of the dirt and dust from your home.

To fully eliminate dirt and dust from your home, the Green Way team uses elbow grease to scrub your home from top to bottom. We do not use brooms or mops because they do not eliminate dirt and dust from your home; they push it around. If you have ever had a dirt and dust problem after the maid left, then they probably only did a surface clean. Let your home feel free of dirt and dust today by scheduling your Johnson County eco-friendly home cleaning.