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Learn how to start going green in Kansas City with an eco-friendly house cleaning from A Green Way today!

If you are looking for ways to improve your carbon footprint, check out all the ways you can Go Green! Go green by recycling all your paper and glass bottles. Check out your local recycling centers for their hours of operation. You may be able to swing by on your way to work! Another great way to Go Green is to only use eco-friendly cleaning agents in your home. Don’t buy products packed with harmful chemicals! Turn to A Green Way Home for help with going green in Kansas City!

Hire A Green Way for a better cleaning service to help you going green in Kansas City!

furniture-998265_640To help you going green in Kansas City, A Green Way offers a wide range of cleaning services for every occasion. Are you looking for a health cleaning before a newborn comes home, or maybe an after party clean up? Call us today for a healthier and better clean. The Green Way Team works on your home with traditional elbow grease and eco-friendly cleaning agents. By not using brooms and mops on your home, we help to eliminate dirt and dust being pushed around. Our 11-point check system helps the team leader ensure that your home is spotless before we leave. Most of our clients only require our services once a month!

Here at A Green Way, we are passionate about helping you live a greener and healthier life. By getting rid of harmful cleaning agents, you will notice a cleaner home for you and your family. Start your mission of going green in Kansas City today by calling A Green Way today! We offer a free quote to get you started.