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Cleaning agents can be harmful to your family! Stop the exposure and Go Green with a home cleaning in Prairie Village, KS today!

A Green Way Home challenges you to look at your cleaning agents in the cabinet. Read the back label in detail. You will probably find a warning label that ready “hazardous to humans and domestic animals”. Why would you want to clean with something so dangerous? A Green Way Home uses eco-friendly and Green products. Learn more about our eco-friendly home cleaning in Prairie Village, KS. We only use cleaning agents that are safe for your family. There top three hidden hazards in your standard cleaning agents are:

  1. Quarternary Ammonium Compunds. These are called vacuum-cleaner-268161_640“Quats”. Quats are found in any household cleaner labeled “antibacterial” and fabric softening agents. The danger of Quats is that they have a possibility to help teach the bacteria how to resist cleaning agents! The Green Way choice would be to replace your dryer sheets with a little bit of simple vinegar.
  2. Ammonia. Ammonia is found in polishing agents that are used to polish popular fixtures. Save your bathroom fixtures, sinks, and windows by switching to vodka. Vodka will still make your surface streak-free. Using toothpaste will shine silver to perfection.
  3. Chlorine. Chlorine is found in toilet bowl cleaner, mildew removers, and much more! In small exposure, chlorine irritates the lungs. The Green Way would be to use baking soda to clean the toilet.

Those harsh chemicals are only apart of the 30% of chemicals adequately tested for the negative effects on our health! Did you know the average American spends over 90% of their days indoors? Know what your family is breathing in. Call us today to schedule a home cleaning in Prairie Village, KS today! We don’t use harsh cleaning agents like other maid services do. We are here to provide outstanding customer service and an outstanding safely cleaned home.