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If you are looking for ecofriendly deep home cleaning in Lenexa, turn to A Green Way Home Cleaning and make your home’s appointment today!

Opening the door to your kid’s practice gear across the living room floor and a mysterious spill on the new wooden coffee table. Coming home from a long day at work to a cluttered mess is never a good feeling. Instead of grabbing the closest cleaning agent, grab the phone and give us a call for ecofriendly deep home cleaning in Lenexa. When the house gets too wrecked, the only way to save it is with a deep cleaning.

A Green Way’s ecofriendly deep home cleaning in Lenexa is different from your typical maid service.

ecofriendly deep home cleaning in LenexaMaid services are known for their harsh chemicals and mops. Green Way does not use harsh chemicals and do not believe in using brooms or mops. Brooms and mops simply push dirt around and do not remove it from your house. Harsh chemicals leave everybody in home ill and the air quality worse. Air quality is important to think about when cleaning a home. The Green Way team knows how important your health is to you, and we would not want to use harsh chemicals to put your health at risk.

Only ecofriendly cleaning agents are gentle enough on your health and tough on dirt and dust. Ecofriendly cleaning agents are 100 percent tested for harzardous chemicals. Only 30 percent of the popular cleaning agents get tested for hazardous chemicals. Make the switch to better chemicals and a better maid service. If you are ready to get your free quote for ecofriendly deep home cleaning in Lenexa, follow this link! Introduce yourself and a Green Way team member will reach out to you regarding your quote. In order to provide the most accurate quote, we will need to visit your home.